LexisNexis- Law School Rewards

User Interface

LN-LSR Mockup.png

Law School Rewards is a new product being released and target towards Law Students. The incentive holistically is to get LexisNexis products out to universities and have the students familiarize themselves with our products, ultimately building a relationship with LexisNexis. The Rewards product is based off a quiz system that students will be assigned by professors and based off their performance on the quiz they receive small rewards from the points they earn.

Pain Points

- Designing a new product that appeals to LexisNexis Law School students while maintaining integrity of the brand

- Working and using future thinking to lead the process of LN design thinking

- Implementing a new content view of a side panel and how that will rest inside of the existing product without disrupting established visual standards

High Fidelity Wireframes

LSR onboard.png

The diamond icon was designed for this product to represent your point system that is our gamification to studying 


This screen acts as a dashboard where the students can see what activities need to be done and how many points they have accumulated 

Group 14 Copy 6.png
Group 7 Copy.jpg

For the onboarding screen it was important to be playful but keep within the brand seriousness of our target users; Lawyers

Onboarding Design Exploration

Onboard exploration Screen .jpg

Flow of Minutes to Mastery Activity 

School Rewards Screens .jpg

Completed Activities Icon Components 

Componets lsr 1.jpg
componetys lsr 2.jpg
Componets lsr 3.jpg

These screens are of the completed activities components and they let the user see what activities need to be completed as they are highlighted in white and as they complete them they fade out

UX Research Findings 

A4 Copy 8.jpg

* This product is currently in development and looking to be released Q3